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Whether you prefer national tribute bands or acts featuring the Beatles, Jimmy Buffett or Smooth Jazz to accompany your Sunday brunch, discover where to find the best of the best in the Naples area. Here, we round up some of our favorite live music and entertainment spots in and around Naples and Fort Myers.

This list includes a few daylight music options, but focuses mainly on the best music you can find to spend the night hours. For food and drinks accompanied by gentle live music on certain days of the week, live music is recommended.

As the sun sets below the Gulf horizon, Naples, Florida's nightlife, awakens, and you are tempted to watch a movie, attend a play, drink on a veranda on the shore, or enjoy a little live music. Since the chicken bars and waterfront restaurants entertain guests with tropical music, you don't have to wait until nightfall to get them, often not even after dark. As darkness falls, the scene becomes one of the liveliest and most vibrant in the city, continuing into the night with a mix of live entertainment and food and drink on the beach, in bars and restaurants.

The island's casual establishment offers happy hour every day, prime locations to experience Florida sunsets, great beach views and a prime location to catch a Florida sunset. For those looking for a damp view to drink their cocktails, we recommend live music, which is the perfect date night destination. The top restaurant on 5th Avenue in Naples is Ocean Prime, perfect for date nights; the kitchen is open until late and there is live music all night.

The Pier of Naples is a relaxing place to join the fishing brotherhood and watch the sunset on the perfect day in paradise. Visit the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club on a Sunday and you'll see locals and visitors, young and old, dancing to live music as the sun sets in the Gulf. Quizz night on Monday at Mercato starts at 19: 30, when the host presents 20 general questions in different categories with recorded answers.

In the local area, the bar wanders through a unique space formed from an old pipe organ from a historic boat. Start your evening at the Sunset Beach Bar where you can enjoy the sunset on the Gulf with live music and great views of the sea and the beach.

Visitors can listen to live music, dance and dance outdoors every night from Wednesday to Saturday. There is a youthful atmosphere here, as people of all ages can find their way to the bar to spend a fun night with dancing, dancing on your feet and live music. Manns offers a mix of local and national artists from the region, such as Joe Bonamassa and the New York Philharmonic.

This lively venue in northern Naples even offers open mic evenings if you feel brave, and music lovers can enjoy a variety of live music from local and national artists as well as local bands. This live music venue and comedy club in Naples is home to touring stand-up comedians from all over the country.

If you are a fan of the Neapolitan Philharmonic, you may recognize the orchestra, which plays a series of songs from the band's most famous works, such as "The Nutcracker" and "Carmen." Palumbo's powerful voice and personal charm have been played time and again over the years, as he is currently best known for his performances with the Neapolitan Symphony Orchestra. If you prefer a more formal setting, you can also hear him play with his own band in this intimate venue in Naples.

For the man at the side of the Neapolitans - a woodwind player from the region - many opportunities have opened up, including with the Neapolitan Philharmonic, the Neapolitan Symphony Orchestra and other local orchestras. Summer in Vermont, where he brings his blues band to life and performs in venues in Naples, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando and Tampa Bay, among many other locations.

At the Cafe of Life in Bonita Springs, eight children are now receiving free piano and guitar lessons. Live music is provided by the Neapolitan Symphony Orchestra, the Neapolitan Philharmonic and other local orchestras, as well as local musicians.

This fun, free concert brings together a diverse selection of jazz entertainers and takes place every first and third Sunday of the month, starting on January 8 and ending in April. On this first and third Sunday of the month, enjoy a variety of live music from jazz, classical, folk, country, blues and other genres.

The Naples Dixieland Jazz Band, which takes you back to the 1920s, plays once a month on Sundays (in winter 2) and twice a week (in summer 1).

The equally quirky Little Bar offers live entertainment of blues, jazz, country and acoustic rock. The East Naples Bar entertains guests on Friday and Saturday nights with sports, TV and live bands. A well-stocked drinks list, including an ever-changing wine list, rounds out the reasons why Hobbs still prefers Naples.

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