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If you are planning a trip to Florida, you should visit some of the historic sites in Naples. So when you're planning your trip, you've probably wondered what you're going to do in and around Naples, Fll. Doing things: If visiting a museum is not the first thing you do, it is probably not even the second.

Visit the Naples Nature Center, an active nature center dedicated to the preservation of the region's land and water heritage.

Conveniently located in downtown Naples and registered on the National Register of Historic Places, the Naples Depot Museum offers interactive shows and exhibitions, including restored railway carriages. It also houses the privately run Naples Railway Museum, which displays an interactive model and allows children to ride trains. If you want to explore the impact of railway technology in the region with interactive exhibits, the Museum of the Everglades, which explores the local history of the last centuries, is the place for you.

This fun, interactive museum, which covers 38,000 square meters, is not for the faint of heart (though there are many). Have fun: There are several museums and museums in Naples, Florida - visitors will find plenty of entertainment.

For others interested in learning about the history of the region, visit the Naples Museum of Natural History, the National Park Service Museum and the Florida State Museum. Learn more about the history of Naples: Learn how it was a century ago and explore the surrounding gardens. Take a tour of a restored Neapolitan holiday home or visit one of Naples "many historic buildings, such as the Old Town Hall or the historic Hotel Naples.

The Golisano Children's Museum in Naples offers many events and activities throughout the year aimed at the children of the house, which is common in Naples. If you are looking for a great place where your children can give something back to their local community, they are doing an incredible job of involving families and everyone can participate.

The Naples Depot Museum is located in the National Registry of Historic Places, which makes it one of the best places in Florida to visit. Located in the historic city of Naples in Collier County, Florida, just outside Fort Myers, the museum recreates the railroad days of yesteryear as listed in our National Register of Historic Places. The museum is located in Naples and is registered in our National Register of Historical Sites, as well as next to the Natural History Museum of Naples. Colliers County has five museums, two of which are within Naples.

The Naples Depot Museum in downtown Naples is on our National Register of Historic Places and tells the story of early technology and transportation in Naples. It is on a mission to restore one of the oldest and most historic railroads in the country in the state of Florida. Located in Naples, Florida, near Fort Myers in Collier County, the museum takes guests back to the stormy days of America's first railroad lines as part of a national effort to renew its reputation as a tourist destination for the region's history and culture, and explores the impenetrable border that captured the hearts and minds of millions of people from around the country and the world during the Civil War.

Set in a historic park, the Collier County Museum is set on 5 hectares of land and houses a restored steam locomotive from 1910 and a replica of the original Naples depot. Set in the five-acre, pristine Florida landscape, it features newly created and fresh exhibits and galleries that capture the essence of our local history.

We recommend the museums because they are of outstanding quality - they relate to the transport history of Naples in all aspects of its development. We recommend it because of the extensive collection of historical artefacts and exhibits as well as the unique exhibits on the history of Neapolitan transport.

If you want to visit one or more of the Naples Florida museums or other museums in Naples, you will certainly find something interesting in this list. If you have ever visited the site, please write us a message and tell us what you liked!

Spend a day at the museum to learn about the history of Naples Florida and book your vacation rental in Naples! Check out our list of top activities for kids in Naples, Florida, and find more things to do. Plan a holiday in Naples with your children to enjoy the best free things we do together at Naples

You don't have to drive from Miami to Naples to see alligators in Alligator Alley in Florida, but the best way to experience and appreciate the delicate environment here is to paddle or explore the Big Cyprus Oasis, one of the most popular attractions in Naples Florida. If you don't fancy a tour of the Everglades in or around Naples, you can spend a day or two visiting Naples to see the subtropical ecosystem that surrounds you. The visitor center of the large Cypriot oases is just a few blocks from the park, where you can often spot at least a dozen alligators.

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