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At the forefront of this movement in southwest Florida is a generation redefining retirement and aging, and an artistic and cultural explosion is taking place. Naples has its own art association, which houses the Naples Art Center, the first of its kind in South Florida. Home of the active Neapolitan Art Association In the centre there are many art studios, galleries and theatres located in the area, but the art is not over yet. As you walk through the art district of Naples, you will find more and more galleries, restaurants, shops, theatres and art galleries.

The Historical Society of Naples offers enriching entertainment for the whole family with educational programs and experiences, including a variety of art exhibitions, lectures, workshops and special events. There is nothing better than strolling through lush exotic gardens, watching a theatre performance or experiencing art history.

For those with a historical interest, Naples offers a number of great museums that can entertain the whole family, including the Collier County Museum System, which uses five unique facilities in Naples to offer a variety of educational programs, exhibitions, lectures, workshops and special events. Visitors can also support local artists through art festivals organized by the Naples Art Association. This is the first of its kind in the state, where we introduce our members to the art community through process, technique and methodology.

Art in the Park not only features stalls in Cambier Park, but also five galleries representing some of Naples "best artists, as well as a variety of art shops, galleries, restaurants, art galleries and more. The draw will start on Saturday, 18 June at 10 am at the stand of the Naples Art Association in Cambiers Park.

For off-the-beaten track art, visitors can try the Phil Fisher Gallery, a one-man operation in Naples where the eponymous watercolour and oil specialist practises his craft. Open daily, the gallery presents the work of award-winning Floridian artists such as James D'Agostino with a range of themes including watercolors, oil, acrylic, ceramics, prints, drawings and prints. If you are a fan of the eclectic Calusa Gallery, which houses a variety of works by local artists as well as some of Naples "best, it is worth a visit.

Next time you visit a store in Naples, drop by the von Liebig Art Center and see what's going on. As a member of the Naples Art Association, it presents works for sale, and there is a website that displays the works of local artists such as John D'Agostino, John F. Kennedy and John C. Smith. If you are exploring Naples for the first time, please ask for free information about the relocation of Naples to learn more about the area.

Art Park, Naples Art welcomes over 40 jurors and local artists, and the Naples National attracts some of the best artists from all over the country. The Smithsonian has ranked Naples as the ninth best small town in America, but in the 19th century, when there was only one, the small town of Naples, Florida, attracted tourists from as far away as New York and New Jersey.

The city also attracts art and crafts lovers, and visitors and locals flock to the coast year-round to enjoy the Barefoot Beach and Vanderbilt Beach. The Neapolitan blacksmiths organize a variety of arts and crafts events, from art exhibitions to craft fairs, and you will enjoy the Neapolitan National Park.

Since 1957, the Park's arts have exhibited works by artists from all over the world, from those who have created works of art such as sculptures, ceramics, paintings and sculptures of animals and plants. They are being prepared in collaboration with the National Park Service and the Florida Department of Natural Resources.

Speaking of the Baker Museum, formerly known as the Naples Museum of Art, it seems unlikely that vultures who travel to Naples will want to miss out on the diverse art collection in the new Naples Art Museum of the National Park Service. The Baker Museum and Artis of Naples is dedicated to exhibiting works by artists from around the world and providing educational programs and lectures to the public, the art scene and the local community as a whole.

Besides Tiburon, visitors will find a fair and playable place that leads through the beautiful beaches of Naples without houses or condominiums in sight. If escaping to the Paradise Coast is high on your list of priorities, Naples offers an enriching art experience in a vibrant and sophisticated city. The Big Cypress Gallery is located in the heart of the city, a short walk from the Baker Museum and Artis. Everglades for a break from the sun or a trip to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch or dinner.

The classrooms of Naples Art will be cool and ready when courses and workshops for adults and teenagers on a fantastic range of topics begin in January.

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